Fogbugz API Wrapper

A few projects I work on (including my day job) use FogBugz for bug/issue tracking.  It’s a useful tool.

I’d like to add the ability to report crashes from desktop applications to the FogBugz database. (On Win32 platform that includes adding a minidump file) Unfortunately the BugzScout functionality does not allow file attachments.  One workaround was creating an email to send to the FogBugz account, but that didn’t work well for us.

The FogBugz XML API seems like the right fit.  Since I want to be able to use this for my day job as well as other projects I decided to work on this project on my own time and make it available to anyone who wants it.

There are a few .NET wrappers and other bits available for the XML API, but unfortunately no sample code or wrapper for C++.  So, we’re on our own. 

Introducing FogBugz++

I started a project on CodePlex. As a bonus I get to try out the “new” distributed version control tools that all the cool kids now use.  I selected Mercurial (hg) for the repository type on CodePlex. (Note – I tried git and was pretty horrified by the lack of friendliness for the Win32 platform.  Git may be the coolest thing going, but it is pretty unusable on Windows, especially when one considers the alternatives.)

Feel free to download and use it. Even better, make fixes and improvements.

This project is not a showcase for my best coding – it’s main objective is to create a FogBugz case with a file attachment.  Right now there is NO error checking, error handling.  I haven’t even figured out how to do the file encoding/attachment part yet, but we do have working code that creates new cases in Fogbugz.

Try it out, and let us know what you think.

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